Green Dragon Hobby Horse - Perfect for imaginary games and dressing up

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Our Wild Gang Collection is a modern take on the traditional hobby horse. 

They are toys that can be taken anywhere you go to bring your kid's imaginative play to life and help nurture endless opportunities for wild and wonderful inventive play.

These hobby animals don't come with a long cumbersome pole attached, they are designed especially so they can be taken anywhere - Your first adventure is to find a stick for your Green Dragon

* Although if you are stuck for sticks let me know and I will send your hobby animal with a broom handle!

Each member of The Wild Gang is lovingly handmade in my Oxford workshop.
Firstly they are beautifully hand screen printed with organic inks onto a lovely soft canvas. They carefully sewn and stuffed, and soft ribbons added which helps secure your stick in place. 

The added bonus of The Wild Gang is that they also double up as very lovely soft cushions that can be snuggled up to and make great room decorations too.

They will arrive to you packaged in their own canvas bag and come with a little activity booklet for the kids to have a look at.

Please note we ship withing 5 days

The Dragon measures approximately 30cm x 24cm  
They do not come with a stick .

All The Wild Gang animals have been tested and have passed all CE requirements.
They should be spot cleaned with warm water.

©Abi Simmons/Red Hand Gang 2020

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