Customised Screen Printed Name Wall Hanging


Customised Screen Printed Name Wall Hanging

They look so beautiful in any kids' room - or any room! 

Each banners is hand screen printed using the paper stencil method. So each letter is individually cut and printed. 

You can choose either a lovely natural slightly flecked canvas or gorgeous pure white canvas.

Then when you order tell me the name you would like printed on it and choose the sort of colour theme you would like eg. Brights, black, Natural browns and gold and I will email you an image of how your banner would look with your requested name on for you to OK.

They will be sent to you wrapped in tissue and rolled up in a tube with a dowel and tread attached ready for hanging as soon as it is received.

 Size: Aprox 70cm x 50 cm depending on the number of letters in the name. The banners get slight thinner and longer the longer the name!


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