make a ghostly chocolate breadstick treat!

Ghostly Bread Stick Halloween Treats

These little treats are brilliant for Halloween They're super cute and not too sickly sweet. 

You only need: 

Bread sticks

White chocolate

Hundreds and thousands




As you can imagine it is pretty straightforward! 

Melt the chocolate but let it cool a little so it isn't too runny.You need to be able to dunk your bread stick in it and ideally it will slowly run down the sides.

The eyes are just 2 hundreds and thousands popped into the choc and the  mouth is made by making a little hole in the chocolate coating with a cocktail  stick - do this before it cools otherwise it just cracks.

To set they need to stand upright in a cup to cool. This part is can be slightly testing! It should have been obvious - being circular, they are prone to rolling into each other. So to stop them all rolling around and sticking together and turning your lovely ghosts into one big shapeless mush, spread them between plenty of cups to keep them apart while they set.

Then watch them get eaten quicker than the time it took you to melt the chcocolate!!!

Happy Halloween!


Tag me into a picture if you make and photograph them - I would love to see your ghostly bread sticks!

#myredhandgang or #redhandgang on Instagram

Ghostly Bread Stick Halloween Treats





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