A beautful selection of hand pulled bold screen prints. 

Thery are a great way to brighten up a wall. The advantage of screen prints is the colours are amazing. I tend to use a method of printing using papercut stencils. It means the designs are bold and simple and stricking - which looks fabulous!

There are design that lend themeselves to kids and adult spaces a like. 

There are new designs that are added to the shop most weeks so keep an eye on here or Instagram for new prints.

12 results
Screen Printed Blue Bird
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Screen Printed Red Mushroom
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A4 Screen Printed Bright Red Mushroom
A5 Screen Printed Yellow Elephant
A4 Screen Printed Blue Bird
A5 Screen Printed Blue Bird
Big Blue Flower screen print
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Bright Pink Heart and Arrow screen-print - 40 x 50cm
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Big Red Cherries Screen Print  - 50x70cm
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'I Love You' Screen Print
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Bright Red Heart and Arrow screen-print - 40 x 50cm
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The Red Bird Screen Print - A2
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