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Hello! My name is Abi and I am Red Hand Gang.

Abi Simmons_Red Hand Gang owner

All the products in the shop are designed, illustrated and made by me in a colourful and messy workshop in Oxford, UK! I screen print everything - hence the mess but it looks so beautiful and colours are gorgeous.

I design with function, form and fun in mind. I try and keep my design simple and clean, definitely with a nod to my love of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. I want kids to love what I make, to love playing with the hobby animals - I have two full time in-house critics (age 7 and 9)  that are very vocal about what they consider a good idea or not!

Over the years I have had quite a mixture of jobs. Out of art college I started a mosaic business with my mate Rose - I moved to London and took the mosaics to Portabello Market, I had a tiny stall there every Saturday for about 5 years.

Then after a lovely time working in an office off Carnaby Street editing videos I moved back to oxford, had a few babies and here we are today, Red Hand Gang has been running for about 5 years and has printed over 7000 hangers and still counting.

Thank you for visiting my 'about ' page !

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