Screen-printed and digital prints for your home.

Here you can look through a selection of beautiful limited edition hand pulled screen prints and digital prints.

Very soon we will have a selection of big affordable poster prints for you. The poster are designed using screen printing, paper cuts and painting to create fun, bold and affordable poster to pop up on the wall.

I am also very excited to have found a printer that is one of the top three Eco printers in the whole world!!! They have created a unique water free system that generates no commercial waste and uses no polluting chemicals to be able to print. In fact they are haven't sent anything to landfill for 10 years and they use 100% energy.

I am super happy about this - as a small business I am aware of my footprint on this earth and I want you and me to be happy that your purchases are not adversely effecting the planet  - and Yay  -  working with these printers you can be safe in the knowledge that your purchase is very, very eco friendly !

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The Blue Bird Screen Print
Bright Pink Heart and Arrow screen-print - 40 x 50cm
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Bright Red Heart and Arrow screen-print - 40 x 50cm
Big Red Cherries Screen Print  - 50x70cm
The Red Bird Screen Print
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