DIY Miniature Snowy Village.

DIY Miniature Snowy Village.

I have painted some tiny snowy Nordic houses that can be made into a little festive wintery village for those of you that love a pretty snowy cottage and a miniature one at that!

I have attached the printable below .You will need to print out the file and cut the houses leaving a long white strip of card underneath the house.


Fold this long flap in half and fold again a centimetre or so from the bottom. This little end needs to be glued to the back of the house to make the stand. 

If like me, the idea of having your tiny house lit up with the tiny fairy lights is definitely something that needs to happen   -  you will need a good sharp blade and then carefully cut out some of the windows before you glue the stand. If the edges look a bit rough then just hide them by going over them in a black pen. Glue your stand and poke a hole in it for the light to go through and there you have it -  your own miniature winter village.

Snowy Village Printable 
(The pretend snow and tiny lights were from Wilkos. Greenery from the back of the Christmas tree)

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