Easy DIY Halloween Ghost Felt Bag for kids

Easy DIY Halloween Ghost Felt Bag for kids

This is a very easy little DIY Ghosty Halloween bag to make for the for kids. Designed try and help curb the amount of plastic tat we seem to acquire at Halloween.

It is very easy to buy a whole load of 'stuff' - stuff for outfits, stuff for collecting sweets in, stuff to do, BUT my mantra this year is 'NO MORE STUFF' - It's in caps because this time I really properly mean it.  Anyway I have designed a wee bag as my girls can't comprehend the idea of going to a Halloween party without some kind of accessory. So here we are - the Little Ghost bag - big enough to be stuffed full of treats!

This friendly little ghost can be a bag or a softie - For a softie, as I am sure you can work out - ditch the tabs and cord - stuff him and sew all the way round.
Here is the cutting template and the instructions. If you don't have a sewing machine - no problem - just hand stitch it and make sure to do lots of extra stitches to hold the tabs in place.

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