Red Hand Gang's customers monochrome style

Ideas for Styling your Red Hand Gang Hanger - Soft Monochrome Rooms

There has been a lot of love for black and white kid's rooms over the last few years. Influenced by Scandinavian design -  a love of a paired back design style and the boldness and simplicity of a monochrome palette was used in many a bedroom. But I have noticed over the last year or so that although monochrome is still alive and kicking it has a softer edge to it. A little more neutral and a little less strictly black and white. More textures and tones have been creeping in. 

Lovely soft grey walls, rugs, wood, wicker baskets and rattan furniture make  monochrome more cosy and soft while still keeping the simplicity and style of using a minimal colour scheme.

I have found beautiful examples of some great rooms that show off the softer side of monochrome from my customers gorgeous homes via their Instagram feeds.

Have a look and click through to see more inspiration.

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