Make your own lovely little Weather Chart

Make your own lovely little Weather Chart

If you and the kids like watching the weather, then why not use our little weather report to get the kids to choose the right words and pictures to match the days weather.
To make you Weather Report activity:

Print out these two printables - One is all the symbols to cut out and the other is the main background with the house on.

On the sheet with the house on - fold the paper up along the dotted line to make the little pocket for your symbols and staple. Then the background needs a piece of cardboard back to strengthen it - a cereal box will do. I used double sided tape to stick the picture on to the cardboard - or if you are going to glue just dot the corners so it doesn't pucker the paper. If you want to hang it up pop some thread/twine through a couple of holes at the top.

Then cut out your weather symbols, the more fiddly ones have added a blue border so you don't have to be too exact cutting them out. Get a few bits of Blutack ready to attach them to the Picture. Pop them in the pocket ready for your mini meteorologist to predict the weather!
Everyday was a rainbow day in our house!
Red Hand Gang's Weather Report Printable

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