Little Easter Box Printable Templates

Little Easter Box Printable Templates

Print out these little boxes to make and pop mini Easter eggs in!


You will need:

- Colour paper, card or white paper and paint (if you are going to paint  - paint both sides of the paper) 

 - Scissors

 - Glue

 - Crayons if you are drawing on your print out

 - Mini eggs


You can print the templates onto coloured paper or card (mine are made from paper but card would mean they are alittle stronger)  and decorate them with paper cut shapes like I have or print them onto white paper and colour them in completely. Use any colour combinations you like - I had bright coloured paper hanging around but a pastel palette would look gorgeous too. Supar paper is great too - it has such a lovely soft texture. But paper is good paper.

The Ducking template is  HERE

The Bunnie template is HERE

If you don't have a printer - you can try and trace them from your screen or free hand them - you don't need to be precious about the shapes but the base does need to be flat so just fold all the sides straight!

I have added a few shapes on each sheet that you can can use as templates for decorating your duckling and bunny.

All  the instructions are on your printable  -  Enjoy !!



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